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Buy Gotcha! Straps online today and say hello to the ultimate solution for your fastening needs. Our adjustable hook and loop system offers unparalleled convenience, securing your home, business, or recreational belongings in seconds with its self-tightening design. Say goodbye to stretchable straps – our non-stretchable Gotcha! Straps come in eight sizes and five vibrant colours, ensuring a perfect fit for every task. Whether you're securing stays on a sailboat or organising luggage during travel, Gotcha! Straps have you covered with our range of adjustable straps. 

As a trusted hook & loop strap company, we supply a wide range of renowned retailers across New Zealand. Shop now from local retailers or online and experience the versatility and reliability of adjustable tie-down straps for yourself.

Available in a range of sizes for different uses around the home or workplace.

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