Please tell us your story! Email us, at info@gotchastraps.co.nz, the details of how you used the Gotcha!, and any photos you may have, and we will publish it here. 


Motor Cyclists

"I recently went for a solo trip on my bike (BMW R1200 RT) and needed to fix my two man tent plus two fold up canvas chairs on the pillion seat in front of the topbox. I have a pair of "Andy Strapz" an Ozzie made strap however I don't find them suitable. I don't particularly like the stretch feature -wrap it around and pull one end to stretch it on to the velcro on the opposite end. Too fiddly I feel  and I'm not confident of the holding power as one came apart once. Your "Gotcha" strap is excellent and I like the way it goes through the loop and doubles back after pulling it to where it's required.

So on this recent trip I used your two straps plus a couple of the dreaded elastic bungee cords to keep it all together. I normally tour with a trailer and my wife as pillion so on those occasions, everything goes in the trailer! In two weeks I'm off on another solo run along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria for a few days so the "Gotchas" will be used again. Thanks again for an excellent product, everyone should have these in their shed! Fantastic." - David 


"It would have been 5 or 6 years ago I got one from Kmart in Mackay and have been using then ever since. I went to buy some more but could not find them at all so I went on your website and got some more. I am in the Mackay 4X4 club and use them all the time. Other club members use mine but for some reason I never get them back. Three years ago we went to Vietnam on a motor bike tour for 9 days and we strapped our back packs to the bikes it was so easy to get the packs on and off while the rest of the group trying get there backs off the bikes we were at the bar having our first drink. At the end of the ride the guide claimed the straps as he thought they were the best idea" - Anthony Fitzgerald 


"We've now returned from Cambodia and I have to tell you how great your straps are. Riding was the toughest we've done yet and not one broken strap! Previously we've tried all sorts of straps, including "heavy duty" ocky straps and nothing has lasted even one day. We were on the road for 14 days and the Gotcha Straps did the job over and over. They're also easy to attach and adjust (but I guess you know all this). Thanks - you've got a great product." - Terry Gaven


"I originally purchased Gotcha straps from Best Rest Products back at least 4 years ago and have been using them on a regular basis. I do lots of motorcycle (Harley Ultra Limited) and use them as my "final" tie down strap to secure a large Ortlieb Dry Bag to the top rack (behind the passenger seat) - I live in Toronto, Canada and was recently in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for "Bike Week" and gave 3 straps to other riders who I met who saw me packing up in the morning and loved how simple your product was and how secure it made the load that I was carrying.  So, I bought some additional ones to give to some other fellas who I also would like to give some straps to." - Tim Zayack



"Hi Alan. Thanks for your quick reply to my order. Some time ago I bought 1 x 50cm strap from a store somewhere in Newcastle but can't remember where! Old age is my excuse. Fortunately your web site was on the strap and I was able to contact you and place my order. The strap is safe, easy to use and excellent quality. Its main use was and still is, is to fasten my fishing rods etc to my roof racks. I also do a lot of camping and these straps are invaluable for lashing together all sorts of stuff. The smaller ones I'll use for keeping my spanner set together in the car. Also great for extension leads etc. Millions of  uses.  Great product. Well done. Happy Days" - George


"I am just a sports and media consultant  (http://nz.linkedin.com/in/ivanharre ), but love to do stuff in my leisure where Gotcha’s work perfectly! I love your product. Rode across outback Australia for a month with your straps and never had a single issue. I personally promote your straps to lots of people. Thanks for your product" - Ivan Harre


"Love the product - I'm a portrait photographer and have cables everywhere! So gotchastraps are awesome!" - Luke (http://www.visionphotography.co.nz/portraits


"I am a self confessed gear freak and every now and again I come across a product that truly stands out in the crown. Gotcha Straps are such a product. The appeal to me is the quality, the simplicity of design and the realistic price. I am a motorcyclist, 4wheel drive, photographer and general traveller. I use my Gotcha Straps in all of those situations. Keep up the good work. P.S. My only complaint is that an Ausie didn't come up with the idea!" - Steve Lear 


Soccer Clubs and Schools

"The coaches in our club couldn't believe the ease of using Gotcha Straps. After years of rolls of sticky tape they make the hanging the nets so easy and fast" - Andrew Miller: Tuakau Soccer Club


"An excellent range of straps for great value." - Murray Ralfs: Burwood AFC


"Have also used them to tie up paddles, tent poles, tent pegs, ropes etc. They are great." - Janice Godsmark: Otahuhu College


"The product is very good value for money, easy to use and is durable. Its a great idea and we would continue to use." - R McCabe: Kerikeri High School


"Our teams used to protest and dodge putting up the nets. Now thanks to Gotcha, the teams have no problems and no more messy tape or ugly bits of string. A brilliant product thank you." - Lucielle MacDonald: Taumaranui Soccer Club


"We liked them so much that the Junior Club were also going to order some. I wish we had known about these straps sooner." - Melanie King: Opotiki Soccer Club


"It has been awesome to have a better way of attaching the net. We had old string last year." - Janet Young: Raglan Junior Soccer Club


"I ordered some straps last week, and we put them on our goals yesterday - they are such a good product, and very easy to use. Looking forward to our goal maintenance being much better this season!" - Catherine: Cambridge FC Junior Section