Bike Straps

Secure Your NZ Biking Adventures with Gotcha! Straps’ Durable Bike Rack Straps

At Gotcha! Straps, we understand the importance of keeping your biking equipment safe and secure, whether transporting your bike to your favourite trail or storing it away for the off-season. Our specially designed bike rack tie-down straps are crafted to provide reliable and durable fastening solutions, ensuring peace of mind during every journey.


A Bike Enthusiasts Best Friend

For biking enthusiasts, Gotcha! Straps offer indispensable solutions to keep your gear safe and secure during every adventure. Here's how our versatile straps can be utilised:

  • Securing Bike to Roof Racks: Our Bike Rack Straps ensure your bike stays firmly in place on the roof rack of your vehicle, providing a strong and reliable hold for worry-free travel.
  • Securing Bike to Bike Rack on Car: Keep your bike securely fastened to your car's bike rack with our bicycle carrier straps, designed to withstand the demands of travel and ensure your bike remains in place.
  • Tying Luggage to Bike: Use our bike bag straps to safely secure your bike bags and accessories. Our theft deterrent luggage straps offer peace of mind during transport and allow you to focus on enjoying the ride.
  • Securing Bike Rack: Our bike rack securing straps keep your bike rack firmly attached, providing added stability and safety during transportation, whether you're hitting the trails or embarking on a road trip.
  • Securing Bike Battery: Ensure your E-bike's battery stays securely in place with our Battery Tie Down Strap, designed for maximum reliability and durability to keep your bike running smoothly.
  • Securing Bicycle Luggage: Keep your bicycle luggage securely fastened, offering versatility and peace of mind for all your travel needs.
  • Enhancing Bike Rack Support: Strengthen the support of your bike rack with our bike rack support straps, engineered for durability and performance to keep your gear secure on any terrain.

With Gotcha! Straps, you can trust that your biking equipment is in good hands, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead with confidence. Browse our range online or in-store today, Or contact us for more info on our bike and suitcase security straps.