What are Gotcha! Straps?

Gotcha Straps are a hook and loop fastening system which is attached in a couple of seconds and is self tightening and not stretchable. They come in eight convenient sizes and 5 colours. Buy from a local retailer or online.

Our Story

The Gotcha!™ strap was born out of the owner’s need for a convenient fastening device for the stays on his sail boat whilst transporting it to and from the beach. After experimenting with a few hand made designs, it became apparent that there were many uses for the Gotcha™. The Bungee cords and toggles have now gone and the Gotchas are used in various ways on the boat, from holding the stays and mainsheets etc to the boom during transport, strapping the sail to the boom when pulled down to wrapping the sail up with the 1 metre Gotcha when sailing is over for the day.

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